bhop pro new minimap update

bhop pro minimap

We released the minimap update to improve the game playability.

With this update you will now be able to track yourself and your opponent players on the map. We marked you as green and the opponent players as red. We also provided a button option for you to open the map.

Stable version of iOS and Android Market: 1.5.83

Android Download:

iOS Download:

For suggestions and requests, you can reach us from the contact page.

resolution support for phones with screen notches

bhop pro notched screen

The notched screen has released a new update for phone users. ui revisions were made in this update.

if your phone is in this category, please install the latest stable versions.

supports up to a horizontal 2500 px resolution.

Android stable version: packages higher than version

iOS stable version: packages higher than version 1.5.81

You can contact us for your questions:

Contact Page

bhop pro v1.5.8 ios & android now available

bhop pro 1.5.8

bhop pro 1.5.8 version is online!

In this update, pillar map has been added to speedrun mode.

With the boost case feature you can win an knives in 20 minutes.

Added the ability to show when players die.

your time to complete the map is shared with everyone.

What’s new?

mainmenu ui improvements
new map (speedrun: pillar)
new m9 bayonet skin (spitfire)
boost case added
ingame player death notifications added
map completion time added
case item showcase improved
rank up animation
added new mainmenu music


bhop pro v1.5.0 online multiplayer (alpha)

bhop pro online alpha test

The multiplayer test version for bhop pro is active.

you may experience interruptions and disruptions while playing online game. yet development phase is in progress.

With this update new speedrun mode has been activated.

What’s new?

New Speedrun Mode
Online Multiplayer (Alpha)

You can give us feedback from our contact page for your problems and suggestions.